Jumpgate Missions to Mars

In the following interview, Andrew Basiago talks about his ’20 Jumpgate Missions to Mars’. Andrew has been talking about his Mars experiences for many years and it is either complete rubbish or one of the most compelling and most covered up events of all time.

Andrew speaks with a down-to-earth intelligence and provides many names and examples to support his incredible story.


The question that always comes up for me is, if this is true, why would agencies such as NASA and SpaceX spend so much money trying to get to Mars by conventional methods? Teleportation has been one of science fiction’s Holy Grail’s for over a 100 years, so if it started back in the 1950’s, why is it so imperative to keep it secret?

Another question would be whether Andrew, and others who shared the experience, had actually had a physical experience or an altered state of awareness, such as, an ‘out of body’ experience. Remote Viewing and Astral Projection are well known.

You can see more on the facebook group: Project Mars,Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)